A Stolen Moment

I have been slacking on my blogging as of late. I’ve been too busy and have not had enough quiet moments to reflect and allow inspirations to let my ideas flow. So I decided to steal a moment.  That thought reminded me of this Photo…Love2

It was taken in the Summer of 2010 in Tallinn, Estonia.  It was my first trip alone (without my husband or children) and I had a newly discovered excitement for photography!  I bought a used film camera just before my trip and hoped I came out with some good pictures! Tallinn is a walled city and the oldest Capital City in Northern Europe. So I expected to have plenty of great material.  It was a surprise to realize that one of the best photos would have these ancient walls only as a backdrop and not as the center point!  I took many more architectural photos that I also love and admire but this photo seems to say so much more to me personally.

This picture was the one that taught me that getting a great photo is sometimes about being at the right place at the right time!  How often do we see a man (in a top hat) and a woman, under a centuries old arch, in real life!  I snapped the picture out of instinct, not really knowing what I had captured. I have loved this photo since the day I looked at it!  I know I captured a special moment and the atmosphere and angle make it so much more spectacular!  Since then I’ve been trying to learn from the unexpected experiences …They seem to teach s the most!


13 thoughts on “A Stolen Moment

      • I notice some blogs do it – especially photo blogs. Your photos are wonderful and right now there’s no way to protect them. One of the blogs I follow just got plagiarized – word for word, even the title! And she denied it!! Ironically I got a “Take-Down Notice” for a photo I “stole” from a public tourism site in NH of Lake Winnipesauke. The photo was simply removed by WordPress. Eventually the plagiarized post “disappeared” as well so I imagine it too got the take-down notice.. I didn’t fight the take-down – in fact I was humbled by it – because I wouldn’t dream of plagiarizing but I didn’t think it was a big deal to use a photo (even though I linked it back to their site). Putting in a copyright watermark or something will take away from the photo but it will protect it a little..

  1. yeah I guess just the watermark is a good start! I was thinking the same when you mentioned it. I looked it up and it’s kind of a big process and would cost money, but adding a watermark should be fine for me, for now…unless I blow up!! lol

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  4. What a lovely photo. Love that you came to this photo by chance. I love that as they look so relaxed and natural in posture etc. I have never seen Estonia, so seeing the backdrop of the walls etc was a treat!

      • I really did because I love the thought of a stolen moment. It’s crazy because the moment was shared between those two and an unknown (to them) person. It makes me wonder if they would want to see that picture of them and whether it was a moment worth capturing to them, or not 🙂 Cheers!

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